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Buy locally grown food and locally produced goods whenever possible. Buy local food because of the exceptional taste and freshness.

Buy Local Think Global. Buy locally grown food and locally produced goods whenever possible. Buying local means buying food and goods that are grown, raised and produced close to home whenever possible. Check out our directory of farmer's markets and craft fairsBuying Local not only supports local farmers and business, it provides you with peace of mind knowing where your goods are coming from and that they must conform with all government guidelines in their production and farming methods.

Buy local because it is better, not just because it is local.

Buy Local is where you can find local markets, growers and Buy Local programs and services that are available in your city, or browse articles on energy news, green technology, health and business. Or take a moment and visit our featured Farmers' Markets in the USA, Farmers' Markets in Canada, Organic Growers in the USA or Organic Growers in Canada. This site also contains a full listing of Agriculture Programs and Environmental Studies at Colleges and Universities in the USA and Canada and an environmental based Photo Blog. If you know of someone we have missed, or have an idea for a new resource, please let us know. And remember to take that extra moment when you are shopping to see if maybe there is something that was made or grown a little closer to home that you could buy instead.

Remember, by buying local your food will be fresher and more nutritious, your goods made by your neighbors and you will be contributing to a healthier economy and less fossil fuel being used to transport items long distances. You pay for freshness and taste, not packaging, refrigeration, and freight. You are supporting local jobs for local people!

If you are interested in career in agriculture or environmental studies, this is a starting point to research different agriculture program options. You may want to work directly on a farm or perhaps your interests lie more towards the natural resources and biotechnology industry that is continually growing. Possibly the idea of studying agri-business management and operating a multi-million dollar agri-business is more appealing. With a degree in agricultural, business, industry, education, communications, government research and development and conservation are all within your reach.


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Transporting food long distances uses an incredible amount of fossil fuel that releases pollutants into the atmosphere. The industrial farms on which these foods are produced are also often major sources of air and water pollution.


By supporting local farms near suburban areas and around cities, you help keep farmers on the land growing the foods we want and, at the same time, preserve open spaces and counteract urban sprawl.


Buying food from local farms means getting food when it’s at its prime. Fresh food from local farms is healthier than industrially-farmed products because the food doesn’t spend days in trucks and on store shelves losing nutrients.